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מכון מאיר Majón Meir Махон Меир Machon Meir Machon Meir
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מכון אורה Majón Ora МАХОН ОРА Machon Ora

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Rabbi David Sperling

Rabbi David Sperling

Rabbi David Sperling was born in Sydney Australia. He studied at Yeshivat

Machon Meir and after that, he studied at Yeshivat Ateret Kohanim under the

tutelage of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner. Rabbi Sperling received advanced rabbinic

ordination from the chief rabbinate of Israel, as well as from Rabbi Yehuda Henkin.

Rabbi Sperling has taught Halacha at Nishmat for many years, as well as at Yeshivat

Machon Meir. He has published a wide range of halachic articles in journals and on

the internet. Rabbi Sperling lives in Jerusalem with his wife Riva and their five cute


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