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מכון מאיר Majón Meir Махон Меир Machon Meir Machon Meir
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Machon Meir - About Us
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Machon Meir 

is a Center for Jewish Learning, catering to young men (and those young-at-heart) who want to learn more about Judaism and Israel.

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With personal attention and first rate teachers, our mission is to help our students develop a personal connection to their heritage, enhance their Torah knowledge and guide them to find their path toward living a complete Jewish life. Participating in the historic return of the Jewish people to build the State of Israel, we celebrate and explore the significance of living in the Land of Israel as a central element of the learning experience.


Machon Meir was established by Rabbi Dov Bigon, a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces that helped liberate Jerusalem and the Western Wall. Moved by the miracle of the Jewish nation's return, and driven to contemplate his personal attachment to Torah, he turned to study in the Merkaz HaRav Kook Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Shortly after the Yom Kippur War in 1973, he founded Machon Meir to assist other Israelis in their first steps toward Teshuva, 'return' to their Jewish identity, and began spreading the Torah of 'Love and Faith' in the inclusive and passionate spirit of his teachers in the heart of Jerusalem.


Since its inception Machon Meir has continually expanded and now serves hundreds of students yearly, and thousands of alumni frequent Machon Meir and stay in personal contact with their Rabbis. Alongside the Hebrew program, additional departments were opened in English, Russian, French and Spanish, and Machon Meir soon became a popular first step for many new immigrants from countries around the globe. Studying in Machon Meir gives new olim a valuable introduction to Israeli culture and language. We encourage serving in the IDF, if applicable, and guide our students toward full integration into Israeli society.

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Television and Multimedia

Machon Meir is a world leader in distributing Torah, with a broadcast network called Arutz Meir on the internet, and on cable TV. With a variety of programming, and over 25,000 video and audio classes archived and available online, including new classes that are added daily, Jews around the world can enjoy the Torah of Eretz Yisrael on TV, websites and facebook pages in EnglishSpanishFrenchRussian, and Hebrew.  Arutz Meir is at the forefront in Torah education for children as well, with original shows written and recorded in our state of the art recording studio on campus. (Many popular episodes of the 'Asi & Tuvia' children's program are now dubbed and available in English. If you would like a taste of educational fun, try

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Another unique program at Machon Meir is a yeshiva-based conversion preparation program for committed candidates who are dedicated to becoming members of Am Yisrael. For more details see here:

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Machon Meir has the only Ulpan for Hebrew language instruction in Jerusalem which offers men-only classes in a Torah environment. Our professional program includes 16 weekly hours of instruction during the afternoon hours Sunday-Wednesday.

For more information, please visit

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Machon Ora

Machon Ora is our sister-school, where women from all over the world come to study Torah from many of the Rabbis who teach in Machon Meir, with classes in Hebrew, Spanish and Russian.

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